Weather Policy

Tournament Directors

Hap Dumont weather policy regarding points and tournament participation for the 2021 season. You have 3 options as to how you want to handle your tournaments

  1. You can reschedule and in that case we change the dates and nothing else needs to happen.
  2. You cancel your event and we refund your host fee and your teams will not receive points or credit towards the 7 tournaments in order to receive a free state berth. 
  3. You let your teams know that 20 to 25 dollars of the entry fee is not refundable and you use those dollars to offset your host fee and the 15 dollar team fee. Teams will get points and credit towards the 7 tournaments they need to play to receive the free berth. All teams team in your points tournament must participate in this option. Example you have 40 teams in your tournament and 36 of them are playing for points – all 40 get counted just as if the tournament played.


  This is what one of the sites added to their refund policy Please note- 20.00 is not refundable ages 9-14


Hap Dumont Board of Directors