General Rules


All Leagues that want to affiliate with Hap Dumont Baseball must do so on or before June 1.

All Affiliated Leagues may add teams on or before June 15

All Leagues, to obtain affiliation status, must have a set schedule of games for their teams, and must send this schedule to the State Tournament Administrator, if asked for.


A league shall be composed of not less than five (5) teams, with no maximum limit in order to become an affiliated league of Kansas “HAP” DUMONT YOUTH BASEBALL.

PLAYERS -  All players who are  8 - 19 years  of age are eligible for Hap Dumont Youth Baseball.  Exception:  19 year olds are only eligible if they are a current year high school graduate


May 1 will be the determining date ( in other words; what the age of the player is on April 30)

Exemption for Age/Grade based conflicts. If the player is in one age group and his/her classmates are in different age group you can apply for an age based exemption in order to play on the same team as the classmates. To apply send an email with name, date of birth, proof of grade and teams involved to

The age the player is on April 30th of each year will determine the age group they would be eligible to play in that year- you can play up if you choose:

 19 & Under - - - - - - - - - - - - May 1, 2001 must be a 2022 High School  Graduate

Kansas  “Hap” Dumont Youth Baseball shall be restricted to AMATEUR PLAYERS only. Players who have received remuneration for play or other compensation are not eligible. A player once declared ineligible can be reinstated only by Kansas  Hap Dumont Youth Baseball.

  • Games in which an ineligible player has been used shall be declared forfeited.

Amateur and eligibility status of any Kansas  Hap Dumont Youth Baseball player shall be determined in accordance with the prevailing rules of the Kansas State High School Athletic Association 

SPONSOR —  Kansas  Hap Dumont Youth Baseball forbids sponsorship by any organization or individuals whose activities may be regarded as inimical to the welfare of youth and therefore, strongly advises meticulous care in the selection of team sponsors.

PLAYING RULES —  All Kansas  Hap Dumont Youth Baseball games shall be played according to the Official Baseball Rules 1.00 through 10.22 with the exceptions listed under the  Special Rules and Regulations  section.


  •  It is  mandatory  that all affiliated teams have group accident insurance and a minimum of $1,000,000 of liability coverage


Birth Documents - Players enrolled on a Kansas  "Hap" Dumont Youth Baseball team roster must have the one of the following documents:

  1. A Certificate from the State, County or City Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Health, Affidavits of Birth, Baptismal Certificates, School Certificates or Drivers License  OR
  2. In the event of the player’s birth not being recorded at the time of birth, a CERTIFIED COPY OF THE DELAYED REGISTRATION of birth  OR
  3. Notification of Birth Registration from the State, County or City Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Health or other recognized birth-recording agency.
  4. No player should be embarrassed as a result of this rule. Should there be any difficulty in complying with this birth certificate requirement, any League President, League Secretary, Parent or Guardian may contact Kansas "Hap" Dumont Youth Baseball regarding an official letter of waiver prior to a player's first regularly scheduled league game. Application for a Kansas "Hap" Dumont Youth Baseball letter of Waiver shall be accompanied by as much documentation as is available.

Team Rosters - Shall be filed with Kansas Hap Dumont Baseball on or before June 15. Players may be added to a team roster from June 15 until July 1, but those players must already be rostered on a Kansas Hap Dumont team.

Roster Moves - Only 3 roster moves are allowed between June 15 and July 1. One move is considered the moving of one player either by adding or removing that player from a Kansas team roster.  EXEMPTION:  This rule does not apply to those teams that rostered through   certain  Affiliated Kansas Leagues   as they will be required to comply with their League's rules for roster moves; no Kansas roster move will be completed without said League's approval.


  1. Each team shall consist of not more than fifteen (15) players, one (1) manager and two (2) coaches. (Note: Age 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 & Under eighteen (18) Players.)


State Tournament Directors supervise and have jurisdiction over Kansas Hap Dumont Youth Baseball State Tournaments.

State Tournament Directors are required to follow all rules and regulations set down by the Kansas Hap Dumont Baseball Board of Directors.

State Tournament entry fees are set by the Kansas Hap Dumont Board of Directors; State Tournament Directors set team gate/admission fees, schedule games dates and times, and, with information from the Kansas State Tournament Administrator, seed and bracket the State Tournament; with final approval from the Kansas State Tournament Administrator

All State Tournament Directors are required to follow the playing format set by the Kansas Hap Dumont Board of Directors


  1. Affiliated Leagues may formulate rules and regulations as they see fit to better conduct their league operations
  2. Kansas Hap Dumont Baseball will not involved itself in any disputes or protests resulting from league rules
  3. All Affiliated League rules are not in effect at any Kansas sanctioned tournament