Affiliating a League

If you have already affiliated, your league number is still valid

Questions: State Tournament Administrator

LEAGUE AFFILIATING - League Officials Only (read all the following information before proceeding) Open League teams go to "Team Rostering"

Affiliated Leagues are those that have organized divisions of team play, and are wanting to roster those teams with Kansas Hap Dumont Baseball

To create a League Affiliation you must be a registered user and login. CLICK HERE to login. CLICK HERE to register.

After you login, click the "Application For Charter" button below.(Copy the number assigned to your league)

Enter all required league information.

Click - "Submit"

As your teams roster, your charter will be updated automatically. Your user account will enable you to access your file to download team rosters and your charter. Any changes in rosters and/or charter must be done through the.  State Tournament Administrator

Affiliating deadline - June 1

Fee is $30/team .  

League Number: